Safetyville Square

Brought to you by the Centerville Evening Optimists

Who: For Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students.

When: June 13-16, June 20-23 and June 27-30.

Where: Primary Village South School, 8388 Paragon Rd., Centerville, OH 45458.

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Safetyville Square 2022 Registration and Payment

Please email or mail your Student Application form to the following:

P.O. Box 751483
Centerville, OH 45475-1483


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Mark A. Kreusch Safetyville Square

About Mark A.

Mark was just four years old when his life suddenly ended in a boating accident on August 11, 2007. Mark loved his family, his friends, and embraced life by enjoying all that he did. His zest for life shined through his smile and giggle. Mark's parents vowed to keep his spirit alive by enriching the lives of other children. Their dream is to continue his legacy. Though various projects the fund will "Leave a MARK on a child's life.

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P.O. Box 751483 Centerville, OH 45475-1483

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