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Our club was established in 1985 and a lot of our members helped charter the club. We are a group of community minded individuals who give back to the community through youth activities, scholarships, recognition of outstanding youth and adults, promote respect for law, give gifts at Christmas and throughout the year to the less fortunate, and support many good causes in Centerville and throughout the Miami Valley area. In today's busy world, we strive to maximize the good that we do for the community with a minimal amount of time required of our members.


We need new, younger members to join us to help carry on the traditions we have established and to continue as an effective, strong club. We would welcome you to be our guest to see first hand what a great organization we represent.

We meet at The Chop House on each second and fourth Monday of the month, starting at 6:30 PM for fellowship and a dinner meeting at 7:00 PM

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P.O. Box 751483 Centerville, OH 45475-1483

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